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Homicides statewide are near a 50-year low - but in Stanislaus County they are at a 10-year high. Turnover at the DA's office is at an all-time high while other attorney groups in the county have miniscule turnover. The office is failing, and I have the support of prosecutors, law enforcement, and many other groups. What's going on, and how can we fix it?


We're losing attorneys and clerical support much faster than other, similarly situated county agencies. Why? 


We haven't turned over evidence and reports timely in high profile cases. What's gone wrong? 

Increased Homicides

Why have homicides gone up in Stanislaus County? Why is the homicide rate higher here than in San Joaquin and Merced counties? And what can we do about it?

Some people in law enforcement, including a high profile endorser of my opponent, say there's nothing that can be done. Those people are wrong. 

Delays in Court Cases

Why have court cases been so severely delayed in Stanislaus County? We have many very old cases, and the Modesto Bee has shown that cases go much slower here than in other counties. 

The office's system of turning over evidence has gotten progressively worse. Evidence that comes in on serious cases should be logged in upon receipt. The office has a different policy in which items are not logged in upon receipt. 

Also, the massive turnover causes big cases to pass from person to person, forcing the new attorney to get up to speed very fast. 



Gangs are drivers of crime. They sell drugs to make money; they use money to buy guns, they use guns to shoot people - sometimes innocent people. How do we stop it?

Human Trafficking

The incumbent touts her record on human trafficking. What is it?


California has changed the bail rules effective in October, 2019. Detention will be based on risk factors rather than ability to pay. What does this mean for us?


The incumbent has said that immigration has nothing to do with the District Attorney's office. Is she right?

Mayne for District Attorney 2018
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