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When I announced my candidacy, I noted that about one-third of our attorneys would be in their first year in the office when the new hiring was finished.

A month later, two more attorneys are gone and one more is leaving. 

The clerical department also has had massive turnover in the past few years. 

We must fix the turnover issues we have. We can’t bear the attorney and clerical turnover we have had.


* Have a larger attorney base. Instead of spending several hundred thousand dollars on televisions, phones, scanners, and monitors which are either still in boxes or largely replace identical equipment, I would hire attorneys to do the work.

* Honesty inside and outside of the DA’s office is critical. Management is not honest with our employees or the public at large.

* Don't tell female attorneys that getting pregnant is a "great hardship on your colleagues."

* Don't require employees to say what they are going to do with the money for their vacation cashouts.

* I would listen to attorney concerns about discovery, integrity, and inter-agency cooperation.

* Add multiple additional lead position. I would permit senior attorneys to speak to newer attorneys about all of their cases. 

* Reinstate second chairs for some murder and serious cases.

* Add a major case unit to have very good attorneys handling very serious cases. We must prioritize serious cases.

This combination, in addition to the removal of the current District Attorney, will result in better retention of valuable employees. 

Mayne for District Attorney 2018
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