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Gangs are prevalent in a few areas of town. Law enforcement has made some serious inroads over the years with a variety of tools to stop gangsterism. 

But some of those tools have disappeared because of a failure of the office to pay attention to basic legal concepts. A gang injunction was served on 12 people who were given an opportunity to respond; they did not, and they were then ordered not to wear gang colors, to obey a curfew, and not to hang out with gang members. So far, so good.

But then, the office served at least 90 more people. And how could they challenge it? Well, they could violate the injunction's terms, then get arrested, then challenge their arrest. That was, unsurprisingly, not the right answer - there had to be a method for those served to challenge the injunction. 

So now the injunction is effectively gutted because the office failed to follow good procedure. That's unfortunate. Stanislaus County deserves better, and I'm here to make it better. 

A second problem is turnover. A manager told the courts that the office had no line attorneys capable of handling a gang murder retrial. That retrial was later given to one of the line attorneys who was specifically identified as not being competent to handle it. Either the office did not tell the truth to the court, or it assigned a gang homicide case to a person unqualified to handle it. Neither one of those options is good. 

Mayne for District Attorney 2018
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