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Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is the use of force or threat to get someone to provide forced labor, including prostitution. The incumbent has cited task forces, inter-agency cooperation, and other actions taken to combat human trafficking.

What she does not say is how many human trafficking convictions the office has gotten since the trafficking law passed in 2012. 

The answer to that is zero. There have been no human trafficking convictions in Stanislaus County. Let's stop making claims of success when there has not been success. The office is going about it the wrong way, as evidenced by the failure to convict people.

Two weeks before the election, the incumbent claimed that the office has convicted eight people of human trafficking, and they all went to prison. I offered $5,000 to charity in return for the list. So far, no list. Because it doesn't exist.

Pimping is simply getting money from prostitutes without the forced component. There has been one pimping trial in the last 12 years. I was the prosecutor on that case. 

The incumbent says these cases are hard. Sure they are. That doesn't mean that we give up, or accept talking about human trafficking as good enough. It's not good enough. Stanislaus County deserves better. I'm here to make it better. 

Mayne for District Attorney 2018
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