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It is true that the District Attorney is not a federal agency. My personal view is that with limited resources, immigration efforts should be focused on criminals, rather than working people. 

But as to whether it has anything to do with the District Attorney's office, well, it does. California law requires prosecutors to take into account immigration issues in fashioning plea agreements. But you can't just give immigrants a better deal - that would be a violation of the Constitutional right to equal protection.

The solution is to make sure that if it's a deal you'd make for any other person, you should make that deal with the person with immigration issues. Example: Person does not want to plead to a charge of resisting police with violence, but will plead to assault likely to cause great bodily injury. Since the latter crime has more exposure, that's fine - and we should make that deal. 

If someone's committed a bunch of armed robberies, well, there's nothing to do that will save them from immigration consequences that we wouldn't do for a non-immigrant. So, no special deals. 

Mayne for District Attorney 2018
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